Maguires Motocross Racing Series

About Us

Owners John & Jean Maguire Maguire's Motocross Racing Series (M.M.R.S.) is a motocross racing series that offers a high level of competition on a wide variety of well prepared and maintained tracks. M.M.R.S. strives to develop riders that can compete at the highest level in the sport while also maintaining a safe riding experience to riders of all ages and abilities. Our main goal is to provide a safe riding experience to riders of all ages and abilities, in a fun, family atmosphere.

M.M.R.S. has in place the most advanced and state of the art sign-in, transponder lap times and scoring, track maintenance equipment and fully licensed paramedics at all practice and race events. We will continue to offer practice lap times sent directly to your cell phone as well as live race results on race days.

In an effort to reduce injuries and speed up race day by having less ambulance calls, M.M.R.S. offers Saturday Practice at the same track as the Sunday races.

The Saturday prior to a race event will be an open practice. Groups will be split according to ability as necessary. These practice days are a great opportunity to learn the track and get some seat time before race day.

We also offer Tyke's practice and race session immediately after the regular practice at approx. 4:00 p.m. The Tyke's class is for children with no race experience and/or are beginner riders just learning to ride and will not race in the regular race program. There is no entry fee for the Tyke's class and training wheels are allowed.

We would like to welcome everyone to MMRS in 2019. We're excited to get our season started and welcome our previous members and staff as well as new faces. We are very pleased to announce a new track to our line up of great tracks. In addition to the racer favorites, Muttco, Cochrane’s and Madoc we are developing a new track in Tweed, Cypress Yard. More details on this track to follow.

This year we will be going with 1 series – The Eastern Provincial Series which will be a 11 race series. Our 9th Annual National event will be at our Madoc track. We will be offering payback, amateur support, prizes and awards for these events. A MRC membership is not required . To be eligible for these awards you must have a M.M.R.S. membership.

The season starts with our Motocross school and practice, flagging school and practice. This is held at our Cochrane track and is an excellent opportunity to learn all aspects of riding and racing.

MMRS offers a mentor program that helps you learn everything there is to know about MMRS, from coming through the gate, understanding the class structure, getting to sign in, going to the starting line, meeting new friends, bike maintenance and trackside support and much more. To arrange a mentor contact us or ask our friendly staff at the gate.

MMRS offers group and private lessons to all levels of riders.