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Posted 09/20/2017


PDF - AMO MMRS News Letter #31 - All you need to know - Points, Awards, and Pit Bike Info for Motopark + Banquet Final

Where there is unity there is always victory!

There’s a lot going on this weekend at Motopark for the final race. The entire year comes to a close but there is still a crap ton of business to take care of. “As much fun as this weekend will be there is a ton of work behind the scenes to make sure it all works out properly,” states Ryan Gauld. “It’s stressful but this PR shows exactly how it all works out and makes it easier for the members to come into the weekend knowing how it all works.”



  • Atlas Brace Super Series takes your best 9 Overall Results
  • The Madoc National/Atlas round counts for a round and half (three motos)
  • If you finish with a half a round extra (like 9.5 or 10.5) your overall from Madoc gets taken off as half moto/overall score. If you finish 1st overall that’s 25 points taken off, 2nd 22 points, 3rd 20 points and so on until 20th. Your Half score if you have one gets taken off Madoc National/Atlas round, NOT ANY OTHER ROUND.
  • Your worst scores are taken away to make your best 9 round results.
  • In case of a tie we go to the most overall wins. If still a tie then 2nd places, then 3rd places and so on till a tie breaks.



50cc 4-6Banquet class top 10
50cc 7-8Banquet class top 10
50cc GPBanquet class top 10
Girls 4-8 50ccBanquet Class Top 5
65cc 7-9Banquet class top 10
65cc 10-11Banquet class top 10
60cc GP 7-11Banquet class top 10
80cc 7-11Banquet class top 10
80cc 12-16Banquet class top 10
Supermini 9-16Banquet class top 10
School Boy 1 12-16Banquet class top 10
School Boy 2 13-17Banquet class top 10
Open BeginnerBanquet Class Top 3
250 JuniorBanquet class top 10
Open JuniorBanquet class top 10
250 IntermediateBanquet class Top 5
Open IntermediateBanquet Class top 5
Cash ClassBanquet class top 5
Banquet class top 5 – Pro Series Purse - No DROPS
   1st.  $1800 cash
    2nd. $1200
    3rd. $1000
    4th. $600
    5th. $400 (Must attend 7 races to be included in series points)
Ladies ABanquet Class top 5
Ladies BBanquet Class Top 3
Girls 9-16Banquet Class top 5
Youth 14-24 Int/ProBanquet Class Top 3
Youth 14-24 Beg/JunBanquet Class top 3
Vet  25+ A Int/ProBanquet Class top 3
Vet 25+ B Beg/JunBanquet Class top 3
Vet 35+Banquet Class top 3
Vet 45+Banquet Class Top 3
Special Awards:
Rider of the year - Mobius/GPF/MP1/Canadian Tire/Moto Metal Works
Hard Charger - New Era
Rising Star Big bike - AMO/MMRS/Canadian Tire/Moto Metal Works
Hard Charger Small bike – AMO/MMRS/Canadian Tire/Moto Metal Works
Rising Star Small Bike – AMO/MMRS/Canadian Tire/Moto Metal Works FrankFit  - “The Grinder”

Bike Draws:

2 from St Onge (Yamaha’s 85-450) and 2 from WCK Honda (Honda’s CR85, CRF150-450). AMO/MMRS MEMBERS ONLY CAN WIN!!

  • Draw 1 class group: 65 7-9, 65 GP, 65 10-11, 85 7-11, 85 12-16 - ST Onge
  • Draw 3 class group: Supermini, Schoolboy 1, Schoolboy 2, Ladies A+B, Girls 9-16 - WCK
  • Draw 3 class group: Open Beg, 250 Junior, Open Junior, Youth A+B, Plus 25 A+B – ST Onge
  • Draw 4 class group: 250 Int, Open Int, Vet 30 Beg/Jun, Vet 35, Vet 45 - WCK
  • One winner from each group
  • Lottery draws out of a hat. All members have a shot. The more you raced the better chance of winning.
  • Winner has choice of bike size and deal. Each size bike has a different deal.


Friday Night 6:30pm start:

Team Holeshot Pit Bikes races to Raise Money for Jeff Hauck and Family – All Proceeds go to Jeff Hauck Recovery

Relay $50 a team – Team of 5 racers – Team Wins AMO/MMRS Prize Pack ($100 value)

Run what Ya Brung - $10 entry fee - Winner takes home: Coleman Road Trip Sport Portable BBQ 

Motopark Location HERE

Race Order (Tentative) - HERE


Whether you’re a new racer, old racer, serious racer, or just a fun racer, we’re your one-stop race series for a safe, family, fun-filled summer. We hope to see you on the gates in 2017 chasing your dream with AMO/MMRS!


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