Rider Sponsorship Program

Show your support for our youth who are dedicated to the sport of Motocross Racing. They have committed their weekends and free time but need your help to cover the cost of transponders, race fees, etc., which will be necessary for entering events this year.

We are offering a yearly sponsorship program to help riders with these expenses. In return, the Sponsors will receive a full seasons worth of advertising. This will include a banner or sign at the track when the riders are racing. The Sponsor will be responsible for supplying the banner/sign. The Sponsor will also have the opportunity to hand out information related to their Business at the events.

Sponsor Form

Rider's Name: ______________________________________________________

Rider's Racing Number: _____________________________________________

Rider's Sponsored Class: ___________________________________________

Sponsor's Information

Name: ________________________________________________________

Type of Business: __________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Amount of Sponsorship: $200.00 $150.00 $100.00 Other: __________

Please make cheque payable to MMRS

You can download this form here.